My husband and I have been active preppers since 2008.  We had been thinking about beginning to store up for several years, but we made our decision to really get started once the economy began to take a dive.  A job loss confirmed how important laying up some extras truly was.

I'm Sally, "The Pantry Prepper," and my goal is to not only help you develop your own emergency food storage plan, but to teach you how to prepare foods for storage using various methods and also how to prepare them when the emergency hits.

SCTI believe that the more variety you utilize when storing your emergency food, the better.  These different methods include freezing, dehydrating, canning, and purchasing ready-made freeze-dried foods and MRE's.

It's also important to have a supply of heirloom seeds in order to have food long term in case of a societal collapse where you have no more access to the local grocery store. Gardening is also fun and very rewarding, and fresh veggies from the garden are so much more delicious and nutritious!

As water is a very important aspect of long-term prepping that goes hand in hand with survival food storage, we also cover survival water storage and water filtration in detail so you can make informed choices when storing your own water or purchasing a water filter for use during an emergency.

That's why The Pantry Prepper was created!

(You can read more about our prepping journey here.)

Many people have begun to store up survival food in case of emergency. This emergency doesn't have to be the end of the world. Natural disasters hit many areas of the world and can come suddenly without warning.

Earthquakes, flooding, fires, volcano eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes - these are some of the natural disasters that could affect the area where you live.

By laying up an emergency food storage stash, you are preparing for future uncertainty.

A job loss or death in the family could also leave you without your normal means to purchase food.  If there is civil unrest in an area near where you live, food shipments may not make it to your local store.

It's wise to prepare for those unexpected times by creating a long term food storage plan that's suitable for your family.

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